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Products & Services

Hatchasia, Incorporated

Hatchasia, Inc., founded in 2000, was originally organized as an incubation business for fledgling startup “.com” companies. Since being recapitalized in 2014, HAI aims to shape the digital landscape and build a veritable ecosystem of solutions for various industries through innovative technology and business process management services.


Currently, HAI is engaged in four (4) business segments namely:


  1. Business Management Outsourcing Services (BMO);
  2. Gaming Outlet Operations (GOO);
  3. Finance Technology (FinTech); and
  4. Office Space Leasing

Hatchasia I.T. Solutions – Software Design, Analysis, and Development

Hatchasia IT Solutions, Inc. (HITSI) was registered with the SEC on September 9, 2016 to provide software, technical, customer services and other information technology services without acting as Internet service provider.


HITSI, is the Company’s IT Outsourcing and Software Development subsidiary.


It provides the following services:


  1. Web, mobile, and desktop applications development;
  2. Platform and product integration;
  3. Core and transaction systems design, and delivery; and
  4. Software technical support and maintenance

Hatchasia Technology Services, Inc.

Hatchasia Technology Services, Inc. (HATSI) was registered with the SEC on September 9, 2016 to provide software, technical, customer support sevices and other information technology services such as data management and information processing services.


HATSI’s core competency is its customer support services. Through the DFNN Gaming Platform, IEST is a major client. HATSI generates revenues by billing its clients monthly for all or a combination of the following:


  1. 24 x 7 Customer Support;
  2. Technical and Field Support;
  3. Managed Financial Operations; and
  4. Providing, maintaining, and supporting EGMs or related accessories to gaming operators or Outlets

AltaValore Holdings, Inc.

The Company’s Gaming Outlet Operations are managed through AVHI and its subsidiaries. All Gaming Outlets are located in the Philippines. Apart from providing its patrons the most comprehensive gaming experience available in the local market, these sites serve as technology test-beds for the Company’s support and software development services.

Pay8, Inc.

Pay8 is working on establishing a network of payment centers under the Bayad Express brand in both urban and rural areas backed up by VSAT technology in rendering its payment solution services all over the country.


Pay 8 supports its clients through the following competencies:


  1. Cash Management services;
  2. Billing and collection services;
  3. Transaction processing and analysis;
  4. Banking and treasury services; and
  5. Payment gateways and merchant solutions
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